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PBR Metal Roofing Panels

This is a sturdy, commercial grade product that can free-span between purlins up to 5 feet, making it a standard workhorse for many metal buildings and commercial facilities.

PBR orders are produced within just one to two days and can be picked up at either one of our locations at your convenience.

Panel Color Options

24 Gauge
Charcoal Gray (Teton)
Dark Bronze (Teton)
Gotham Patina Low Gloss/Low Sheen (Teton)
Gun Metal Low Gloss/Low Sheen (Teton)
Matte Black (Teton)
Medium Bronze (Teton)
Galvalume Non-Painted (Teton)
26 Gauge
Zincalume (Teton)
Beige (Teton)
Dark Brown (Teton)
Dark Gray (Teton)
Dark Green (Teton)
Hickory Moss (Teton)
Light Gray (Teton)
Light Stone (Teton)
Medium Brown (Teton)
Weathered Copper (Teton)
White (Teton)
24 Gauge Special Order (takes extra time)
Aged Copper (CMG)
Aged Copper (Drexel)
Aged Copper (Sheffield)
Almond (CMG)
Antique Patina (Drexel)
Ash Gray (CMG)
Ash Gray (Sheffield)
Bone White (CMG)
Bone White (Drexel)
Bright Silver (Drexel)
Bright White (CMG)
Brilliance Red (Drexel)
Buckskin (Drexel)
Burgundy (CMG)
Burgundy (Sheffield)
Burgundy (Drexel)
Burnished Slate (CMG)
Champagne (CMG)
Champagne (Drexel)
Champagne (Sheffield)
Charcoal Gray (CMG)
Charcoal Gray (Sheffield)
Charcoal Gray (Drexel)
Cityscape (CMG)
Classic Green (CMG)
Colonial Red (CMG)
Colonial Red (Sheffield)
Colonial Red (Drexel)
Copper Penny (Metallic)
Copper Penny (CMG)
Copper Penny (Drexel)
Copper (Sheffield)
Copper-Ten Raw (Sheffield)
Core Ten AZP Raw (Sheffield)
Dark Bronze (CMG)
Dark Bronze (Sheffield)
Dark Bronze (Drexel)
Deep Black (CMG)
Deep Blue Sea (Drexel)
Dove Gray (Sheffield)
Dove Gray (Drexel)
Everglade Moss (Drexel)
Evergreen (Sheffield)
Forest Green (Drexel)
Galv-Ten Raw (Sheffield)
Hartford Green (CMG)
Hartford Green (Sheffield)
Hartford Green (Drexel)
Hemlock (Drexel)
Hemlock Green (CMG)
Hemlock Green (Sheffield)
Island Blue (Drexel)
Mansard Brown (CMG)
Mansard Brown (Sheffield)
Mansard Brown (Drexel)
Matte Black (CMG)
Matte Black (Sheffield)
Matte Black (Drexel)
Medium Bronze (CMG)
Medium Bronze (Sheffield)
Medium Bronze (Drexel)
Musket Gray (CMG)
Pacific Blue (Drexel)
Patina Green (Sheffield)
Patina Green (Drexel)
Pre-Weathered Galvalume (Sheffield)
Pre-Weathered Galvalume (Drexel)
Rame Toscana (Low Gloss/Low Sheen)
Regal Blue (Sheffield)
Regal Red (Sheffield)
Regal Red (CMG)
Regal White (Sheffield)
Regal White (Drexel)
Royal Blue (CMG)
Sandstone (CMG)
Sandstone (Sheffield)
Sandstone (Drexel)
Sierra Tan (CMG)
Sierra Tan (Sheffield)
Sierra Tan (Drexel)
Silver Metallic (CMG)
Silver Metallic (Sheffield)
Slate Blue (CMG)
Slate Blue (Sheffield)
Slate Blue (Drexel)
Slate Gray
Slate Gray (CMG)
Slate Gray (Sheffield)
Slate Gray (Drexel)
Solar White (Sheffield)
Stone White (CMG)
Stone White (Sheffield)
Surrey Beige (Sheffield)
Surrey Beige (Drexel)
Teal (CMG)
Teal Blue (Drexel)
Terra Cotta (CMG)
Terra Cotta (Drexel)
Terra Cotta (Sheffield)
Vintage (CMG)
Vintage (Sheffield)
Weathered Zinc (CMG)
Western Rust (CMG)

Available Gauges

24, 26
* Certain colors may be subject to an order minimum and longer lead time. Please contact your Teton Steel representative to learn more.


2.67lbs/LnFt (26)
3.58lbs/LnFt (24)


G-90, Grade 80 (26), AZ50, Grade 50 (22 & 24)

Paint System

Storm Shield™, Ceranamel™ XT-40S, Certified Cool, Energy Star® Rated, Silicone Modified Polyester


Ceranamel™ XT-40S – 40 Years
Galvalume – 20 years

Available Materials

Painted & Galvalume

Minimum Slope

3:12 with Bead Seal and Stitch Screws installed 1’0” O.C. at all overlaps


UL 580 Wind Uplift (Class 90)
UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact
UL 790 Class A Fire Rating

Fastener Guide
  • #10 Woodfast screws are designed for use with dimensional lumber
  • #14 Wafer screws are designed for use with plywood sheeting, OSB, and wafer wood (7/16” minimum thickness)
  • #12 Tek Screws are designed to be used with structural steel up to 3/16” in thickness
Fastener Application

Screws are to be applied next to every rib and then up the panel, no more than 5’0”. On low slope roofs, Mastic Tape must be applied between the panel side laps with stitch screws installed every 1’0” up the panel.

**At the eave or end laps, a double screw pattern should be with screws applied to both sides of the rib**

Panel Characteristics
  • Exposed fastener
  • 36” wall and roof coverage
  • 12” on center rib spacing, 1.25” rib height
  • Watertight siphon groove on the under lap rib, 5 degree over bend on overlap leg
  • Manufactured from 80,000ksi minimum tensile strength steel
  • Any length is available from 3’0” to 50’0”, panels will be cut to the nearest ½”
  • Produced with a Galvalume® substrate