What are your hours?
Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 12:00pm, and 1:00pm – 5:00 pm
What length does trim come in?

    • 22 Ga. Core-Ten – 10’
    • 24 Ga. Painted & Galvanized – 10’
    • 26 Ga. Painted & Galvanized – 10’
    • 28 Ga. Painted & Galvanized – 10’1”

How wide & long are your flats?

    • 22 Ga. Core-Ten – 48” x 10’
    • 24 Ga. Painted & Galvanized – 48” x 10’
    • 26 Ga. Painted & Galvanized – 43” x 10’
    • 28 Ga. Painted & Galvanized 40 ⅞” x 10’1”

How much does a steel roof cost?
There are many different panel profiles, gauges of steel, and color options to consider when determining which type of metal roofing system is best suited for your structure and your budget.  The 3’ Tuf Rib panel, when produced in a 28 gauge, 40 year paint system, is similarly priced to most 30 year shingle roofing systems.  It’s important to remember that when considering cost, metal roofing has a lower life-cycle cost compared to any other type of roofing.  An experienced contractor can determine a suitable gauge and panel profile that will function best for your project, as well as provide an estimate on the necessary labor.
How long will my steel roof last?
In general your steel roof will last a lifetime.  Most painted paneling systems, when installed and maintained correctly, will endure for 50 years.  Core-Ten ™ weathering steel installed in the dry environment of the intermountain west can last up to 80 years.  Steel roofing is a great investment and if compared to traditional shingles that last 10-15 years the decision seems like a no-brainer.
Will steel roofing make my house hot in the summer?
No, just the opposite actually.  Teton Steel’s Energy Star Rated cool colors will reflect 30-70% of the sun’s rays (color dependent) helping to keep your home or attic much cooler than traditional non-reflective composition shingle roofing during the summer months.  Teton Steel’s patented paint system is created using exclusive pigments that can reflect up to 70% of the sun’s rays when using our standard white.  Our customers have repeatedly reported saving 20-30% during the summer on energy costs.
Will my steel roof be noisy?
This is a common myth about metal roofing.  The answer is no.  When metal roofing is installed over a solid substrate and insulated to code, the noise created by a rainstorm will not be any louder than any other type of roofing product.  All of Teton Steel’s residential roofing products are designed and recommended to be installed over a solid plywood or OSB substrate.
Is my steel roof recyclable or made from recycled materials?
Steel roofing is 100% recyclable and is made from approximately 30% recycled content (combination of pre & post consumer content).  We highly recommends that you recycle any of your metal scrap during your roofing project.
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